Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…I have the Perfect Idea Using the Trump Philosophy

Being as sarcastic as I can be, I came up with an idea that will produce a bigly amount of jobs using the Trump methodology.

We need to let all of the arsonists out of prison and get them back to work.  Imagine how many jobs this would produce.

Construction workers, furniture companies, local Home Depots, lumber companies, steel companies, landscapers, motels, gas stations and so on.

Oh and hospitals and morgues…(I am sure there will be more jobs than there will be people and animals hurt).

The insurance companies wouldn’t even have to raise their rates as a result of the massive tax breaks they are now benefiting from.

Ok, maybe not such a great idea but I did see this as thinking out of the box.

Remember, I am being sarcastic and disingenuous.


Gun Control is Complicated

Depending on where you live and the gun culture you live in, gun control is more complicated than you may think.  The idea that we need to get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them is one of  the most important issues we face as a country.

Banning assault rifles makes perfect sense for those who believe that there is no place for them in our society.  There is also those Americans that believe the opposite.

Where it gets complicated is determining who should be banned from acquiring and owning any gun or lethal weapon.

People that suffer certain mental issues and display behavior that could cause them to take another human’s life is very key to the gun violence in our communities. There are also those individuals who have fabricated their own reality to justify their actions, sometimes even just to garner attention by surrealistic means.  If you stop and think about it, killers including terrorists were not born killers or terrorists.  Some times these people are easily persuaded to be part of evil activities as a result of letting themselves be influenced by others.

Along with sensible gun control, we need to strengthen the policies, procedures and communication among those groups that can identify a high risk person before they can cause harm to others.  If it is a matter of resources at the local, state and federal levels, we need to provide it.  If it is a matter of oversite and accountability, we need to provide and enforce it.  There are tens of thousands of gun related incidents each year in our country and we need to stop learning from each of them and take whatever action that is necessary to stop them.

Politics has no place in the debate, partisan or not.  Civil, thoughtful and law-abiding citizens need to be heard, no matter what their position and beliefs are.  Personally, I don’t think that special interest groups such as the NRA should have any influence even if that sounds unrealistic and nieve.

For hundreds of years, the entire constitution has been the documented representation of our laws.  This includes the second amendment and all other articles, amendments and subsections of the amendments.  Our solid and enduring bill of rights and the constitution as a whole is what separates us from any other country in the world.

It is just plain and simply not true that the rights provided for in the second amendment are at risk.  The constitution is designed to allow for certain controls which are designed to protect all citizens, not just those who draw lines of opposition. These controls are prevalent throughout the constitution, not just the second amendment.   Regulations such as not allowing for automatic weapons, military weapons, shortened shotgun barrels and so on are in place to provide solid protections for everyone.

I recently watched a story on one of the news networks that reported on the views of Army Lieutenant General Hertling regarding the acquisition and possession of assault rifles by gun collectors and enthusiasts.  It makes some sense and it’s easy to support his position.  It is also worth noting that hunters don’t select an AR-15 out of their collection to take with them when they go hunting, not if they want to eat the game they catch.  The majority of assault rifle owners only fire them at gun ranges and in controlled shooting environments.

All that being said, assault rifles are the reason that we have mass shootings that result in record numbers of casualties.  When an innocent person is shot by an assault rifle, they have little chance for survival given the grotesque damage that it’s bullets cause.  As for me, I am of the belief that we need to stop the murderers from ever being able to buy one, even if that affects those who are not planning on killing.  Therefore there is a strong, fact supported argument that justifies the regulation of such rifles.

Gun control effecting those with mental disorders and criminals such as drug dealers, gangs, religious fanatics and so on is where it gets complicated.

The media speaks of banning the possession of guns by those individuals who have been adjudicated as suffering from a mental illness and deemed dangerous. The truth is that the vast majority of those who suffer from mental illness will never be discovered by a court or even a hospital.  Generally, this group will isolate and only contemplate harm to themselves.  This is however, the most dangerous group of people because there is no way of identifying them before they go off the reservation.

If you live in or near a medium or large city you will hear of deadly, gun related incidents every day, and I mean every day.  In most cases a conflict within these groups is what triggers the violence.  One of the problems we face is that a gang member is not going to walk into Cabella’s and legally purchase their weapon.  No…they can easily acquire their guns and weapons on the street illegally without any registration or background check.  incidentally, the structure of these groups is typically organized and more often than not, deadly.

In the not to distant past, the supreme court has made a provision in the constitution that allows for a person to use a gun to protect themselves and their families.  This to me is very important for those who know how to use a lethal weapon for protection.

I believe that arming teachers in our schools is not a good idea.  There is an unreasonable risk of something going wrong resulting in their death or the deaths of more people.  There is however the argument that members or former members of law enforcement or the military should be considered as an exception.  I think that could make sense.  I don’t think that these individuals are going to whip out their gun every time a fight breaks out among the students.  Overall, I still think it is a bad idea to equip teachers with guns and an expectation that they be the solution for the broader problem.

The efforts of young adult students who are hell-bent on forcing change needs to be taken seriously by all Americans.  Not only are they organized and credible, they have been able to keep their cause in the minds of all of us as a result of their persistence.  I seriously hope that they can endure over time.  As a group, they have also been able to influence those in government who would otherwise just plod along furthering their agenda without regard for the wishes of their constituents and the American people as a whole.  Because of social media, these groups have been able to further their agenda unlike any time in the past.  If you are old enough, remember the draft and peace protests of the sixties.  These opposition groups were made up of young Americans, just as we have now.

It seems to me that some of the baby boomers and the few WWII era citizens who are still alive, come across like these groups are made up of kids who just want to make noise.  Remember, that the next couple of generations are already becoming the ones who are the gatekeepers of the future of our country.  Our experience and wisdom is important, however we won’t be around for ever.

As for the millennials, they will only grow, mature and gain the experience that they will need to succeed in this world.  We can’t take them lightly.

At the end of the day, I personally have not met or associated with people who look at our country as the place in the world becoming full of doom and gloom.  For a majority of Americans, we live our lives without fear and with a sense of security unlike anywhere else.  We face our challenges and we help those who can’t help themselves. We are incredibly generous and supportive of others.

For me, today, my biggest challenge is figuring out what I want for dinner and when Street Outlaws is on Television.  This weekend, the weather is supposed to be nice so I will probably work on my truck then head to Costco to sample myself to a free lunch.  Many Americans will be out volunteering to help those who could use their help or they will participate in being involved in groups that are dear to them.  As for me, next week I will have to figure out how I am going to pay some bills…You get the idea.  It doesn’t change the fact that there are some very serious issues, sacrifices and tragedies that some of us have or will face at some point in our lives. Whether is seems cliché or not, we do live in the greatest country in the world, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

This article purely reflects my personal opinions…There is a couple of hundred million other American’s whose views and beliefs are just as important as anything I can come up with.



The Power and Influence of Young America.

In the immediate aftermath of the killings in Florida, we as people of this country will be the beneficiaries of the efforts of our young Americans to effect change.  As I watch these men and women speak to their cause,  I am fascinated by their thoughtfulness, articulation and civility.  You can not help but listen and contemplate their message as well as encourage their actions.  They are not children with a fundamental message that lacks courage and maturity.

Because of this,  they stand to make history.

Because we, as Americans have been exposed, mostly through the media to the mechanical workings of our government, these men and women have the unique knowledge to create a strategy unlike that of any time in our past.  For this, we can thank President Trump.

Because they are working within the real framework of the government to demand change, their efforts should stay fresh in our minds.  Because congress moves slowly, the processes and protocols that these activists will need to get involved in will continually keep their story in the public eye.

What are the answers? what are the specific details?  What are the priorities of the groups?  We may not know until the snowball continues to roll down the hill but we can be rest assured that something affirmative will happen.

I have said in many of my previous posts that the millineals will be the stewards of our country very soon.  Remember, all of these younger adults are starting to vote.  These young adults and soon to be adults already demand sensible governing and this important issue on keeping guns away from those that shouldn’t have them demonstrates their principles.  If you, as a law-maker are trying to preserve the outdated principles and agendas of the past, good luck, you can ignore the change but you won’t be around to see our government return to order.

My personal thoughts on how they can affect change on the subject at hand are far more unorthodox than what might make sense to many.  It is worth pointing out that knowledge is power and the value and values of the young American is evident through out our country, not just Florida.


President Trump Says Our Country Is a Disaster

I am really getting tired of the President referring to our country as a disaster.  Most of us don’t see it that way.

Sometimes I think that our President doesn’t understand his role as the Chief executive of our country.  According to, the following details the Presidents role (job):

Chief Executive: The President is considered the country’s chief executive. He or she develops federal policies, prepares national budgets, enforces federal laws, and appoints federal officials. Commander in Chief: The President is the commander of the armed services.

I don’t see how it is possible to fulfil these responsibilities without understanding the mechanics of government and the provisions of our constitution.  I think that the President should consider himself a disaster, not the citizens he works for.

The group of Americans who believe in conservative principles are not being well represented by the President, or even congress.  Trump’s base (an over used description) is just a small group in the larger make up of Republican minded Americans.  He and his administration’s representation of those with core democratic values and expectations is also derelict.

Disperaging our country, appointing woefully inexperienced people, taking advice from unqualified talk show hosts, demanding loyalty from all American’s and generally making selfserving policies and decisions is not conducive to creating unity among us all.

At the end of the day, I think that most Americans will become weary of how our government operates and hopefully sooner rather than later demand change.

We also believe that our President is responsible for addressing the buckets of issues that can be a challenge to our daily lives and lifestyles.  Rather than just talking or tweeting, he is supposed to take action on these issues, not just complain or blame others  for them.  Lying, taking advice from certain people in the media, demanding allegiance and making self serving decisions (among other things) is not going to work, nor is it what he was elected to do.

Trumps Job   Most of us will continue to live our lives fully in spite of our government’s antics.

Political Bias In Congress, In The Media, And Within The Administration. Is It Really What America Needs?

two fighters   The Nunes memo release sheds some light on very serious culture issues within our government and media.

The levels of bias between the two government parties is being raised to a potentially dangerous level given the constant us versus them behavior.  I say dangerous because each opposing party is constantly trying to discredit the other with their political point of view and applying it to some very important legislative issues.

There seems to be no middle ground.  There seems to be an attitude that one party is right on any given issue and that their counterparts are wrong.

How can 530 plus legislators all be wrong, according to their adversarial counterparts?  How can their constituents and the citizens they serve be so wrong in supporting and electing them?

I was taken back by one of the comments that Nunes made during an interview with FOX news surrounding his relationship with his counterparts on the Intel Committee.  He said that he has had to play whack a mole with them throughout the investigative process. To me those kinds of comments represent his level of maturity and a condescending attitude.  It makes me question his intentions and agenda.

His actions are just one example of party bias in both parties.  The democrat’s are not afraid to express their distane for any republican efforts.  The republican’s are not afraid to express their distane for any democratic efforts.  There is always gridlock present when it comes to furthering some very important legislative issues. When it comes to the President, it is a whole different world.  Below are some bullet points that I feel offer some insight into why our government is so dysfunctional.

  • We need to seriously take a look at what our congressional representatives are doing to further the agenda and important issues for their constituents.  If you reflect on what they promised to do and what actions they are taking towards that end, you can see that some of them purposely or involuntarily fall short. In other words,they can’t or won’t fulfil their promises.
  • Congress is a peculiar animal.  Just think about the phenomenon that happens as soon as they get into office.  They start working on the next election.  That I don’t get.  It is important however, to recognize that most legislators do the work of their constituents and thoughtfully accept responsibility for their actions relative to national issues.  It is to me, unfortunate that those who don’t, negatively reflect on the affirmative and positive activities of those that do.
  • The adversarial posture of some can at times appear to be juvenile.  Just like in high school, many of those who represent us act like their popularity within their peer group is more important than their basic responsibilities.  It is also sometimes obvious that we have law makers that have antiquated and obsolete points of view and principles. I think this contributes to why there is so much stealthy corruption, racism and good ol’ boy posturing.
  • Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), the dysfunction of our two-party branches of government will come around to reflect the culture and needs of Americans today.  I think that our government will also come around to respond to, and represent our commitments and mutual interests of our allies.  The solution is obvious, we need to inject a more current open-minded roster of ladies and gentleman into our government.  They will continue to need the mentorship of those who wield wisdom, knowledge and historical context in order to educate them an bring them into the fold.  By the way, I am referring to those that know the mechanics of government and maneuver them to the benefit of the country.
  • When we look at the media, there are several examples of inappropriate behavior. Watching some media coverage can be like a car accident.  You weren’t involved, but you can’t take your eyes off of those that were.
  • There is conservative media, liberal media, far right and far left media, conspiracy theory and propaganda media.  Think about it, they all have listeners, viewers and readers who subscribe to their viewpoints and representations.  That is the beauty of our country and the provisions of our constitution.
  • There is also some in media who behave irresponsibly or debate a  point of view just because they have a talent to manipulate their audience.  It is kind of like an attorney.  They are sworn to vigorously represent their client, no matter what the truth is.  This is a common practice among those in media who pander to their audiences with the goal of improving them or their company’s bottom line.  I personally believe that there is at least one member of the mainstream media who has abused his first amendment right and crossed the line to the point where he is meddling in our government processes.  Often I think his actions can be construed as criminal (you know who I am talking about).
  • With a couple of major exceptions, most media organizations succeed as a result of there responsible, research, knowledge and dissemination of information that is important to their audience.  Like I say, with the exception of a couple of dangerous media operations,  those that are effective are still in business, those that aren’t, are gone.
  • incidentally,  the “expert” contributors on some of these outlet’s panels are more amusing than expert.  This is not to say that most aren’t fascinating, knowledgeable and informative.  I am just saying that some are just plain out there.  Sebastian Gorka is an example of one of the many that are just plain strange.
  • What does “everyone knows this” mean when Trump speaks to a point during discussions with the media?  Why does he run his presidency on the advice of a couple of people in the media?   I can understand why he is critical of our institutions, he doesn’t know how they work.  Why does he always say that our country is a mess?  Isn’t he the maid?
  • By the way, many talking heads lately, try to compare the crap that is going on today to previous administrations, especially Obama.  At the rate Trump is going, he will be the benefactor of the worst number of scandals of all times by the end of his term.  Of course, he will say that he had the fewest and less serious ever and the scandals that he did face, he fixed them himself.

If you are interested, this link will take you to a Wikipedia page that lists scandals by Presidents and Congressional men and women.

Historical Scandals



The Nunes Memo and Our Security and Safety, Are We Missing the Point?

justice  After listening to a Sunday morning interview with Representative Jordan and an interview between Chris Cuomo and Representative King (an excellent interview), I decided to stand back and look at the investigation and the related accusations by Nunes and his gangs in the larger picture.  The GOP members of Congress have based their belief that the memo outlines FBI and DOJ misconduct and demonstrates extreme bias by the agencies and their efforts to damage the Trump candidacy.  Apparently, the accusation stems from the handling of a warrant issued by the FISA court.  The actor and actions that their complaints are based on is related to Trump advisor Carter Page and his interaction with Russian agents and the subsequent actions of the FBI in monitoring his phone calls to the Russians.

I feel very strongly that the GOP’s position is solely based on a political agenda to eventually stop the investigation of Trump’s activities relative to the Russians and their activities in compromising and the manipulation of the American election machine.

I also believe that congress has no business making classified information public.  It doesn’t matter if the President declassifies the data or not.  He of all people clearly has a selfish agenda.

Here is what I think:

  • The President and the Republican members of the house maintain that the public has a need to know in the interest of transparency.  That is so much BS.  The President as well as Nunes and their clans have been everything but transparent. Sneaky behavior, secret meetings as well as keeping the Democrats out of the loop demonstrates that they are acting hinky and deceiving the public.  Nunes accusations are definatley not in the people’s best interest.
  • The President talks about how important the security of our country is and how paramount his efforts are in order to protect us.  The fact is that the FBI and DOJ are the groups tasked with protecting us by appropriate means and by using all of the tools available to them.
  • The FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation whose sole function protecting all of us. It doesn’t stand for the Federal Bureau of Trump’s Interests. DOJ stands for the Department of Justice representing American’s and is not the Department of Justice exclusivley to protect President Trump.
  • The Trump administration and his gang of liars do not represent the security interests of the United States.  Far from it.  No matter how right or wrong the gathering of evidence, no matter what internal malfeasans is exposed, the information garnered by activities such as phone monitoring have uncovered inappropriate activities by Americans and their relationships with the Russians who are fundamentally our adversary (enemy).
  • I am of the opinion that the Trump sphere’s real and inappropriate activities and communications with the Russian supports the underlying discovery that crimes were committed.  Ironically, not one of the people directly involved told the American people the truth. Not one of them.
  • If the illegal activities by people like Trump Jr, his cousin, Sessions, Page and others is discovered by listening to their conversations and exposing their coordination, then so be it…The investigators unearthed their inappropriate activites, even after they all lied and deceived us. This is what the public should be concerned about. Remember, the FBI did have authorization granted by a very strict and conscientious court as to allow (or not) their methods of extracting information.  It doesn’t matter what the GOP committee members and the President think, the truth is the truth.
  • If someone within the FBI and the Justice department break the rules or demonstrates bias, it is the job of their leadership to put a stop to it, not Devin Nunes.
  • The FBI and its rank and file are currently involved in thousands of cases involving serious felonious activities of criminals.  It is important that we support them, even though we don’t always get the details of their investigations.  We typically do however, get advised of the outcomes of some of their efforts.  You know, the bad guys go to prison, the good guys are exonerated and we hear about it on the evening news.
  • The FISA court is saddled with the sole responsibility of determining what appropriate activities are necessary for the discovery of information that would be pertinent to protect the security of the American people, nothing else.  If a citizen gets caught up in the FBI’s investigation and it is discovered by any means, I believe that it would become obvious that they are up to no good.  The terms of a FISA warrant does not allow for willy nilly unmasking of people like Joe the ferry-boat captain, unless he is breaking the law and his actions are discovered by an investigation.
  • Who is members of the government going to call when they discover serious crimes both domestic and international.  My advice would be not to contact Nunes, he doesn’t know crap about law enforcement.
  • Sooner or later the ships that are our intelligence agencies will be refloated and will no longer be treated as a source for political games.
  • As I said, I strongly believe that crimes are being committed by some who are using ill-gotten information to suggest that they are being treated unfairly.
  • Other than wacko news organizations like Info Wars, the media has done a good job in reporting the facts surrounding the whole Russian scandal.  This does not include some talk show hosts and contributors such as Sean Hannity and the Judge Judy wanna be on Fox.  In fact if you take any time to watch them or listen to Hannity’s radio show, you could make a case that they have overstepped their civil rights provided by the constitution.  To my point, their actions when they suggest that they have intiment and especially when they suggest they have individual knowledge, relationships and input into how the government operates could be construed as criminal meddling that may compromise the security of all Americans. Not good.
  • As US citizens, our constitution provides us with the right to say or otherwise express whatever we want as long as we believe in our minds that we are right and that doing so doesn’t break the law.  If you just plain and simply have no confidence in our form of government, I am sure you can get a visa and a plane ticket to go hang out in Putin’s neighborhood.

President Kennedy And President Trump’s Differences In Representing The Ideals Of The United States.

Below, is the body of a speech given by President Kennedy in 1960.  Set aside the scandals, set aside the rhetoric.  Whether you are a Republican who supports Trump, or whether you are a passionate citizen of the United States, take a minute to reflect on the significant differences in their idealistic philosophies.  Which one do you think did or is doing the most for all of us.

john f kennedy    If by “liberal” they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties, someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad.  if that is what they mean by a “liberal,” then I am proud to say I’m a “liberal”

September 14, 1960