Who Says it’s So

Print       When I was much younger and full of opinions and factual commentary(in fact you couldn’t shut me up), my parents bestowed on me a bit of wisdom. “Just because you say it is so doesn’t make it so”. I don’t think the president had the same conversation with parents.

We all believe that when we say something, it is fact or we wouldn’t say it. (unless we are purposely lying.

Who says that Jack fell off the bean stock 3 times before making it to the top?   Who says it is so that a majority of Americans believe that the President is going to live up to his campaign promises?   Who says that is even possible or a good thing?   Who says the coal industry is the single biggest jobs issue in our country?   Who says that Mike Pence would make a good President?   Who says that Jennifer Granholm,former Governor of Michigan wouldn’t be a good President?   Who says that congressional leaders including Senate Minority Leader Schumer, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, House Speaker Ryan and House Minority Leader Pelosi are representing their parties in the best interest of America?   Who says that there aren’t Congressmen and women who would be more effective or qualified?   Who says that alternative facts are even close to real facts?  Who says it is not the responsibility of the President to plug the leaks within the ranks of government?   Who says that the President even knows the Constitution?  Who says that congress even knows the specific details of the ACA and AHCA?  Who says that the division within the two parties in congress,who spend most of their time criticizing each other rather than endeavoring to compromise is good for the people?  Who says that the wholesale repeal of every regulation imposed by President Obama is good for anyone? Who says that Congress and Americans even know what is being repealed and what their effects are on everyday life?  Who says it’s so that it is common and sometimes good for administrations to set up back channel communications, especially with our adversaries?  Who says that media propagates fake news?  Who says that the media’s Whitehouse sources don’t include the Whitehouse gardener and service staff?  Who says that Steve Bannon isn’t actively trying to dismantle our democracy?  Who says that President Trump isn’t Bannon’s personal mouth piece?  Who says their is such a thing as the swamp on capital hill?  Who says that the president’s past shenanigans will not effect his ability to staff the Whitehouse with quality cabinet and professional level people? Who says that insurance companies like Humana should be able to pull out of some markets yet continue to reap the benefit of covering government programs such as Medicare?  Who says that the president even knows what a market economy is?  Who says there is such a thing as a “grey” area?  Who says that reducing taxes for the wealthy would result in more tax revenue?  Who says that the federal,state and local municipalities are providing the tools for the development of the middle class using the principles of Free Enterprise?   Who says that cutting important funding and eliminating regulations would benefit anyone other than the effected businesses?  Who says that Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio represent the views of the rest of the country?  Who says that gangs and gang violence shouldn’t be a higher priority?  Who says that Climate change is not real?  Who says that reducing the budget of the Coast Guard will improve their ability to enforce the boarder and catch drug runners?  Who says that Americans that make up the Trump “base” are the most important segment of our society?  Who says that lying to and misleading the public will benefit anyone?  Who says that green energy will replace shale energy in the not too distant future?  Who says that the current curriculum in America’s public schools is the best prescription to educate our young people?  Who says that there is a difference between Right Twix and Left Twix?  Who says that many billionaires aren’t the most significant philanthropists in the world?  Who says that being condescending to our allies will allow us to maintain credibility and respect as world leaders and stewards?  Who says that the average shareholder would be ok with a decline in the value of their stock investments in order to reform wall street? Who says that President Trump has a clue of what the specific benefits and restrictions are for the lawmaker’s bills he supports?  Who says that cutting the budget for National Parks and allowing for oil companies to prospect and drill isn’t the most disgusting financial position the President can take?  Who says that trying to force South Carolina to clean up and pay for the hazardous mess at his son’s failed business demonstrates the President’s passion for the environment and jobs? Who says that the President’s jobs agenda is going to help put all Americans back to work?  Who says that the United States isn’t the most powerful country in the world?  Who says that the 12% of Americans (according to the 2010 consensus) that are Hispanic are illegal or bad hombres’?  Who says that the National Enquirer deserves more credit? Who says that cable news isn’t into using “breaking news” too much and leaving viewers to roll their eyes? Who says that the 110 billion dollars in weapon purchases by the Saudi’s is real and that we should sell them sensitive American technology in the first place?  Who says that the quality of life for most Americans’fds is desperate?

I could go on for days…The message is that we need to stop and ponder what the real facts and effects are for all the things that we believe, contemplate, express and feel strongly about.



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