RAISE Legislation and Reality

Today, senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue gave a press conference joined by President Trump to announce their legal immigration legislation called the RAISE act which would reform the process and requirements for foreign workers to live and work in the US.  The reduction in immigration opportunities may not be so good for the country.

The bill will require certain qualifications such as  demonstrating needed skills that ensure the ability to support themselves and their families while being precluded from being able to receive welfare benefits.  These are just a couple of many provisions.

It seems that the concept is designed to prevent skilled or less skilled immigrants from coming to the US. and taking jobs that should otherwise be filled with American workers.  We can’t forget that we are talking about immigrants from all over the world,  not just from places like Mexico.

It appears to me that the intention of the bill has some merit, however, I also believe that there some inherent disadvantages to the US. given that the bill that would narrow the ability of foreigners to immigrate to the US, obtain employment, support their families, integrate into our diverse cultures and generally fill the need for more workers.

The notion that foreigners who are allowed to migrate to the United States take the jobs that belong to displaced American workers may be somewhat misrepresented.  This school of thought has been around for generations.  The truth is that the United States has a monumental shortage of workers to fill skilled and less skilled living wage jobs.  That is just a fact.

We already have some of the strictest prequalification rules in the world for becoming a citizen.  From sponsorship to swearing in, candidates need to show that they are worthy by living up to similar qualifications included in the RAISE bill.  In some, if not all cases, citizenship candidates are required to demonstrate a knowledge and acceptance of American ideals and cultures.  Just as importantly, they are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of our constitution.  Interestingly, only 35% of Americans have any meaningful knowledge of our constitution.

I am of the belief it is important that we look at a larger picture with regard to the debate and arguments that focus on employment in America.  Regardless of partisan beliefs, there are so many variables that make up our workforce or lack of, that we need address these current issues before we consider sweeping changes that will effect American jobs and foreign integration.

President Trump can still fulfil his campaign promises with regard to immigration.  He needs to study and learn to navigate the complex factors that make up our immigration successes and failures.  If he can knock one issue at a time off the list, we could end up with a comprehensive plan that addresses all of the issues related to immigration including topics such as border and national security, refugees, important skilled worker access etc.

The worst thing that America could do is dismiss issues that are just as important as those that we see on the news every day.  We have a lot of very serious problems domestically that will continue to need serious attention and resources.


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