CNN Fake News Story

From time to time all of the cable news networks can be subjected to criticism for their choice of and reporting of fake news.  CNN has done a fantastic job of covering the crisis and disaster in Texas.  For the shows I watch Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper have been marvelous, thoughtful and thorough.  What I don’t understand is why CNN ran a story that was so fake it should have embarrassed the network.

During the evening news,  CNN teased a story where they said that a CNN photographer and reporter rescued a gentleman from his pickup truck as it was being swept away in a flooded street.  When they aired the story they showed video of a man whos truck appears to be floating in the flooded street,  According to the reporter, the driver was at great risk so they jumped in to aid him in getting out of his truck and pulled him to safety using a rope.

Here’s the ridiculous part,  if you watch the video, the dry payment was literally 5 feet from where they “had to” save the man.  The house and yard across the street were also high and dry.  The man could have fallen out of his truck and crawled to safety.

The reporter seemed to have exaggerated the situation.  I am sure he wanted a feather in his cap.  Why would CNN waste their time airing this story?


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