Some in Congress Can’t Read?

On September 8th, Bloomberg News reported that two representatives, Mark Meadows and Walter Jones who indicated they mistakenly had their names added to a congressional brief that was sent to the Supreme Court in the hope that they will support restrictions of the practice of Gerrymandering.

The reason that they don’t want to be a part of the brief is that Republicans would be the last people to support such an effort.

Gerrymandering is the modification of district lines to allow for a representative to tailor their district boundaries in order to capture more GOP voters, thus bolstering the efforts of the party to maintain an advantage in the 2018 elections.

The practice was a tactic of democrats in the late 80’s in order to take over and maintain Democratic majority.  Now the democrats think that Gerrymandering should be stopped so that the Republicans can’t gain an advantage.

The truth is that their are two sides to the issue and the strategy will probably always be part of the divisive environment that is the people’s congress.

The bigger problem is not the support or lack of for legislation or legislative briefs.  The major problem is that a majority of the Senators and Representatives don’t read the full text of anything.

Healthcare and the Muslim ban are perfect examples.  Congress had supporters and detractors who would make statements that were general in nature and more reflective of what the media would report or what the leadership wanted everyone to know.  The fact is most of them did not read the legislation.  When they didn’t pass, many had no idea why.  This includes Democrats and Republicans.  During the healthcare debate, I heard a representative give an interview on cable news where he admitted that he didn’t read the bill and voted only the way his party wanted him to.  His explanation was that his staff is required to read the information and advise him.

How confident should you feel about the legislation they support and the insistence that they are looking out for their constituents.

Honestly, there is a significant number of Senators and Representatives who do know the entire content of the legislation they support, or don’t (you can easily tell who does in your state).  For the rest who don’t, I hope it is just laziness and not a problem with their ability to read.



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