The 115th Congress at Work.

While we are being inundated with stories and information limited to a particular subject matter,  your congress men and women are busy working on various bills that each group hopes to have passed into law.  It seems the President himself is really only being briefed on bills that hit his desk for signing into law or returned to congress for additional debate.  I believe that before specific legislation is returned to the President, this would be the time that we need bi-partisan discussion and argument as covered in the spirit of a couple of amendments within our constitution.  Regardless, the legislative branches are introducing bills that are basically submitted and debated under the radar of most Americans.  Many of these bills that are currently or recently being introduced during the 115th (2017) congressional session in the house and senate are declared dead before they even get out of the committees that review and support or oppose them.

Some of this legislation would make sense as laws and reflect those interests we as individuals support or don’t.  You can also find clues as to what special interest groups are lobbying for. Another interesting aspect of this information is to see what your own lawmakers are working on.

The following is a very small list of bills that you may be interested in that are being worked on.  There are hundreds of bills that are currently in play.  I just wanted to show you a couple of examples.  The main source of this information comes from the Library of Congress ( and ( where all bills are being extensively recorded.  The sites offer several different filters that allow you to see the information that appeals to you within specific categories.

Because much of this legislation is new, there is yet to be a summary with details on many of  the bills listings.  My overview of each bill reflects my interpretation of the legislation,  if I am off base it is not because I didn’t do some research.  Personally, I have some strong feelings related to the itinerary of some of the legislation and question the congress’s intent and ability to represent the American People.  I purposely have left out my take on the continuing debates related to the President’s methods of communication as well as his ideology and intimate knowledge of the issues he supports or doesn’t.  I have also left out my thoughts on how legislative activities effect Wall Street and our economy.  This will be included in an upcoming article on our fragile economy.

The following are examples of bills I picked from the top of the current list.  H.R. 3986, H.R. 3987,H.R. 3984 are bills that are related to gun control. H.R.3981 includes a study of the components of global climate change.  H.R.3980 is to establish a pathway to addressing hate crimes.   H.R. 3976 focuses on continuing payments to insurance companies relative to the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care).  H.R. 3986 is meant to amend the Small Business Administration’s loan guarantees to qualified Cyber Security  and technology businesses.  H.R. 3964 would amend the controlled substance act to enhance registration laws for opioid prescribers.  The list goes on and on. The point being that there are a lot of bills being introduced.  The fact is that many or most are going to face failure as a result of the political party divide.

The reason for this article is to suggest that while the President and media news outlets are facing off with each other as demonstrated by their choice of topics, their issues are just a small part of what is happening.

Many news organizations ultimately report what they think would appeal to the interest of their listeners and viewers.  The primary intent of these organizations is to create more income.  I am not saying that all news agencies are bad or are not thoroughly and thoughtfully researching or reporting real and factual news.

There is however, in my opinion, some very strange and misguided media organizations which, if not for our first amendment shouldn’t be included in any discussions.

Like I say, there may be some interesting reading for you as an American and a Tax Payer.

Another interesting place to find out about these bills, is to watch the raw coverage of hearings etc. on CSPAN where many debates and hearings are televised live.  It might be worthwhile to even record them and look at them when you get a chance.


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