Opinion, The Fall of President Trump

image trump     I believe it is just a matter of time before our President, his presidency and his personal businesses fall from the atmosphere.

I believe that the substantive reasons for this will not include by themselves the Russian investigation; health care; The wall; the new tax laws or even his almost non-existent comprehension of the constitution and mechanics of government.

The main thing that will bring him down is time and people.

The baby boomers and the world war two population will continue to die off.  This will include the President and many in congress.  The result will be the changing of the guard to include the established x, tweener and millennial generations.  Right now, the generation x segment of the population are reaching the age that will make up the most significant group to bring change and dominance in our country.  The same thing is happening around the world.  Other than what this generation is taught about history and government in a classroom, they will develop a more modern culture and governance that is currently, quickly becoming obsolete.  We have to remember that matters such as evolving technology, the environment and even our country’s role as stewards of decency and acceptance around the world will be managed by the newest powers to be.   Their children are also growing up so the current and prevailing culture in our country will continue to be replaced by their principles and needs.

Every generation, for centuries, regardless of ethnic or religious make up has been making progress, sometimes slowly, in improving our tolerance, diversity, lifestyle and all other important issues that we have faced for years.  This is not to say that all of the challenges of the country will soon be vaporized.  There will still be evil people, racists, greedy people and of course defined classes to include poverty, wealth and intolerance. The constitution will continue to be the standard of governance which will allow for the concrete existence and continuance of freedoms and rights that we enjoy now.

Most Americans enjoy the many incredible activities that are afforded us as American citizens.  Generally, we don’t live in fear.  We are also deliberately removed from the constant dysfunction of our government.  America is already great.  We don’t need some group of misanthropic people to tell us differently.

There is a couple important exceptions.  When our government makes decisions and passes laws that negatively affect our daily lives we will turn on them.  We are not afraid to mobilize and force change.  If our country’s sometimes incompetent leaders send our young americans to war because they politically want to flex their muscle, we will turn on them.  The same goes for lying to us and hiding behavior that diminishes their ability to be trusted to represent us. I wish the President would quit referring to his actions as being something that has never happened before. Can’t he understand that sometimes there is a reason why certain things have never been done?

When it comes to government, most Americans expect their government to function in the best interest of its citizens, all two hundred million of them.  As I have said before, only thirty percent of the population has any substantial knowledge of the constitution. We all, however, expect those in government to be constitutional experts.

No matter what party we align ourselves with, we will eventually grow tired of listening to the bologna being pumped out by the very people we employ to look out for us.  When matters such as healthcare and taxes become issues in our daily lives, we will look to our leadership to fix it. If our government doesn’t or displays a total disregard for issues that effect our very existence, we will demand change.  Our local and state government is subject to the same expectations.

This is where reality and President Trump comes together.  Him acting more like Biff in Back to the Future will not be conducive to his longevity.  If he can’t be effective in his role as our leader and commander-in-chief, he will eventually fail.

Once he is out of office, he will quickly become irrelevant.  His legacy will not include the achievements he feels that he has contributed.  He will also be older.  As an eighty year old ex-president, few American’s and world leaders will be interested in what he has to say.  I am afraid that his cabinet and surrogates will suffer the same consequences. Sarcastically, I wonder how many books will be in his library.

The  majority of the American people will turn their focus to on the incoming administration and forget about him.

Whether he serves four years or eight years, I don’t think his life as a private citizen will be all roses.  His past business practices gift his adversaries an opportunity to pounce on him and make his life miserable.  I also think that there are groups of people who are just waiting in the bushes to get him in to court to answer for his sins.  I imagine his company’s credit worthiness and liabilities versus his assets is what has forced him to do business abroad including with some very unsavory characters.  I believe that while he is still President, he is doing whatever he can to cultivate relationships that will help him with life after politics.  To me, this in part, answers some of the questions raised by his inappropriate alliances with our enemies.

His airplane and helicopter are aging just as he is.  His properties are also getting older and without adequate funding, they will deteriorate and the revenue they produce will diminish.  His branding agreements will expire.  I imagine some of his partners will bail on him.

If you don’t pay your bills and alienate the very people who have helped you to achieve some success, it will be difficult to prosper.  If you are a billionaire and owe billions, you are no different from a dock worker who makes a hundred thousand.

All of that being said, all Americans wish him to succeed.  If he can’t get his act together, it won’t happen.  He claims that he gets treated unfairly.  If he doesn’t accept that, then he should stop giving a majority of America ample reason to criticize him.  A little wisdom, competence and transparency will go along way to changing the perceptions. I guess, to some, redemption is still possible.

I would be totally out of line if I didn’t point out the one thing that will keep him anchored.  I am sure that he will enjoy his golden years in the sanctuary of his family.  I am sure that they are more important to him than any business or public office.


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