Whoa Democrats; In My Opinion We Need Hold Our Horses.

On Tuesday, the voters of Alabama made it clear that they didn’t want to have Roy Moore represent them in their state.  If this is what it takes for a Democrat to cross the finish line, the Democratic party may be a little premature in thinking that the future is so bright for the party.

In Alabama, had there been any other Republican in the race, the Democrats would have lost.  The evidence is in the numbers of write-in candidates.  Remember that red states are made up of traditional republican values.  These principles are what make up the party.

Unfortunately, for both parties and all Americans in general, we have a Republican President who is at the very least, ideologically miles away from the principles of most Americans.  He also lacks many of the character traits such as wisdom; maturity; knowledge; sincere compassion; integrity and respect among others.  As an aside, why does everyone think that the promises he made during his campaign are good?

I don’t believe that having a leader that behaves more like Biff in Back to the Future rather than the leader of the free world can be a good recipe for either party’s success.

As it stands now, the Republican majority is doing everything they can to flex their muscles as evidenced by their actions.  If the President and both parties adhered to the principles and compromises that were important to the framing of our constitution (the bundle of compromise at the Constitutional convention in 1787), we would have a more effective government.  Just think about it, we apply these principles in business and even our own daily lives.  If we have two opposing views, working together towards a common end makes any relationship much stronger.  I guess this demonstrates we all know that the concept works.  Incidently, I believe this is one reason the President’s business practices don’t translate well to the job he has now is mostly because he employs the old school management style of “my way or the highway”.

As it goes for elections, the opposing principles can be a good thing, not a battle field. When a party takes over the majority, generally, most american’s would be more accepting when both parties have substantive and thoughtful debate.

As it stands now, the Republican party is doing everything they can to dismiss and oppose the contributions of the Democratic party.  The Democratic side is doing everything they can to oppose and dismiss the efforts of the Republicans.  How that is working for them?

It’s kind of like two neighbors feuding over whether or not to cut down a tree.  Whoever owns the tree can cut it down no matter what their neighbor wants to see happen.  If the tree was sick and leaving it standing would endanger both sides, there would be common ground to come together and at least listen to each others viewpoints.  At the end of the day the tree has to come down in order protect everyone.

The elections and the structure of the many demonstrations prove that party differences are really important to American voters.  A perfect example of this is healthcare.  A part of the bill that is in effect now and is doomed to be repealed is the mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance.  Fundamentally, the Republicans believe that the government shouldn’t be involved in a person’s decision to have health insurance or not. They also believe that as a country, we can’t afford to expand Medicaid and related entitlements.  On the other hand the Democrats want the mandate.  In order to accommodate everyone, Democrats also want the government to pay the healthcare bills of anyone who can’t afford it.  The truth is that without the mandate, the insurance companies can’t turn a profit if there isn’t a significant pool of insured that are healthy and statstically stand less of a chance of  getting sick.  If we want healthcare, it doesn’t really matter what the demands of either party are.

In this case a middle ground would benefit all Americans.  To me, a simple compromise that benefits the Republican ideology would be to support some sort of mandate in order to keep rates down and maintain coverage for the broader population.  On the other side, the compromise could be for the democrats to make a concession to reduce the swelling of a bureaucracy and accept reforms of entitlement programs that would ultimately lower costs while keeping an important program functional.  Think about it, this would make the whole issue palatable and beneficial for both sides.

The us versus them mentality has to stop.  Americans and the voters that represent them need to see their party look out for them, not just win the pissing contests.  Until then the make up of our government by party line can’t be effective.

The point is that the democratic party shouldn’t be so confident moving forward.  Just as the Democrats take one seat by defeating a bad candidate, the Republicans can do the same in 2018 and 2020.

Personally, until we elect a new President, fresh congressional leadership and as long as Washington State is represented by one of the strongest Senators in the country, my views will lean left.  I also strongly believe that compromise is the key to all Americans being effectivly represented by the strongest form of government in the entire world.

For me, our government as a whole needs to get their act together. Yes, that includes state and local governments.


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