Defense Spending Details. They are Important and The Media Needs to Bring it Up.

military imageThe government is trying to pass a budget that includes around seven hundred billion in defense spending.

The problem with the  amount that the government wants to spend on the military is that seven hundred billion is over the spending cap of five hundred twenty plus billion. The committees who are responsible for military spending and the federal budget are trying to find an additional source of money to cover the difference.  This isn’t a good sign and we need to be more informed.  Also, I wonder were they will find it?

I have linked a couple of sites that lay out the spending plan.  Personally, I think that there are some good programs upgrading military apparatus, technology and veteran’s social programs.  It appears that most of the plans are supported by both sides of congress.

Doesn’t it make sense that the cost of the new tax cut program (one point five trillion) will reduce the government’s ability to pay for many important projects including the legitimate needs of the military?  I am not so confident that the President knows the specific details (another benifit of media coverage).  I am, however confident that the Pentagon and the Secretary of Defense do.   In fact, recently,  General Mattis has shared his frustration with the movement on the related bills.  He has expressed that he thinks that we need to turn the appropriations into cash to get going on the various projects. Given the fact that he is not sure what will be in the budget,  he is being aggressive in his view that something no matter what it is, has to be available soon.

The tough part of giving the military the needed money is the impact that these expenditures will have on the American people.  Regardless of what the Republicans say, the impending monstrous deficit will cut back on some very important programs  with the most publicized coming to defense, Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security and Medicare programs by the way, are basically self funded (look at your paycheck stub). Past surpluses to these programs have been raided by the government for other expenditures.  As it stands today, both of these programs will reflect lower than needed revenues and rising costs because the baby boomers are coming up on retirement.  This country has always experienced cyclical changes between generations so we should have prepared for it.

Another military related expense that will continue to have an effect on the deficit is the amount of money we have spent on the war on terror.  We have spent two trillion on the war(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Hopefully, These costs will be going down as we make more progress against these foes.

The deficit and tax bill is for another post.  I was just pointing out that the media is giving little air to this very important and expensive need.  The same goes for infrastructure. I just hope that MSNBC,CNN, the print media and yes, even FOX can find the time.

DOD Budet Proposal

Mattis on Defense Spending fact sheet military spending


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