My Unorthodox Take on America


As we come to the end of another year, we need to stop and take stock of where we are as a free and prosperous society.

At times, our faith in our system of government is tested, even though it never should be. Since 1776, we have aspired to be the greatest and strongest country in the world.

Our constitution and financial standing has survived every test that could be thrown at us.  Our form of government is the most durable form of government on the globe.

Our freedoms are backed up by a constitution and laws designed to protect our livelihood, safety, opportunity and to afford us the right to live without fear.

Our form of government can not be undermined by anyone who seeks to compromise or destroy us.  We are strong and face conflict head on and we will always prevail.

We value life and in doing so, we accept our role as stewards of democracy around the world protecting whose who can not protect themselves.  We partner with our friends whenever they need our help.  Since we are all the product of immigration, we welcome those who seek the freedoms and opportunities that our country can provide.

We are compassionate, generous and we truly do love our neighbors as we do ourselves. Generally, we live our daily lives with optimism and civility.  We generally spend our lives confident that our government represents us and functions in our best interests. We are not afraid to challenge those who don’t.  We can demand change and support those in government who recognize the importance of our principles.

We will at times get discouraged.  Sometimes we are faced with enormous personal challenges, social inequities, ignorance and evil.  We have faith that as a society, we will eventually overcome all obstacles to achieve our common goals and reinforce our core values.

We have the right to disagree.  We have the right to speak freely.

Remember, yesterday is today’s history, today will be tomorrow’s history and our young are our future.

Remember America is already great…the Greatest.  We can’t and won’t let anyone try to tell us differently.



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