The Nunes Memo and Our Security and Safety, Are We Missing the Point?

justice  After listening to a Sunday morning interview with Representative Jordan and an interview between Chris Cuomo and Representative King (an excellent interview), I decided to stand back and look at the investigation and the related accusations by Nunes and his gangs in the larger picture.  The GOP members of Congress have based their belief that the memo outlines FBI and DOJ misconduct and demonstrates extreme bias by the agencies and their efforts to damage the Trump candidacy.  Apparently, the accusation stems from the handling of a warrant issued by the FISA court.  The actor and actions that their complaints are based on is related to Trump advisor Carter Page and his interaction with Russian agents and the subsequent actions of the FBI in monitoring his phone calls to the Russians.

I feel very strongly that the GOP’s position is solely based on a political agenda to eventually stop the investigation of Trump’s activities relative to the Russians and their activities in compromising and the manipulation of the American election machine.

I also believe that congress has no business making classified information public.  It doesn’t matter if the President declassifies the data or not.  He of all people clearly has a selfish agenda.

Here is what I think:

  • The President and the Republican members of the house maintain that the public has a need to know in the interest of transparency.  That is so much BS.  The President as well as Nunes and their clans have been everything but transparent. Sneaky behavior, secret meetings as well as keeping the Democrats out of the loop demonstrates that they are acting hinky and deceiving the public.  Nunes accusations are definatley not in the people’s best interest.
  • The President talks about how important the security of our country is and how paramount his efforts are in order to protect us.  The fact is that the FBI and DOJ are the groups tasked with protecting us by appropriate means and by using all of the tools available to them.
  • The FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation whose sole function protecting all of us. It doesn’t stand for the Federal Bureau of Trump’s Interests. DOJ stands for the Department of Justice representing American’s and is not the Department of Justice exclusivley to protect President Trump.
  • The Trump administration and his gang of liars do not represent the security interests of the United States.  Far from it.  No matter how right or wrong the gathering of evidence, no matter what internal malfeasans is exposed, the information garnered by activities such as phone monitoring have uncovered inappropriate activities by Americans and their relationships with the Russians who are fundamentally our adversary (enemy).
  • I am of the opinion that the Trump sphere’s real and inappropriate activities and communications with the Russian supports the underlying discovery that crimes were committed.  Ironically, not one of the people directly involved told the American people the truth. Not one of them.
  • If the illegal activities by people like Trump Jr, his cousin, Sessions, Page and others is discovered by listening to their conversations and exposing their coordination, then so be it…The investigators unearthed their inappropriate activites, even after they all lied and deceived us. This is what the public should be concerned about. Remember, the FBI did have authorization granted by a very strict and conscientious court as to allow (or not) their methods of extracting information.  It doesn’t matter what the GOP committee members and the President think, the truth is the truth.
  • If someone within the FBI and the Justice department break the rules or demonstrates bias, it is the job of their leadership to put a stop to it, not Devin Nunes.
  • The FBI and its rank and file are currently involved in thousands of cases involving serious felonious activities of criminals.  It is important that we support them, even though we don’t always get the details of their investigations.  We typically do however, get advised of the outcomes of some of their efforts.  You know, the bad guys go to prison, the good guys are exonerated and we hear about it on the evening news.
  • The FISA court is saddled with the sole responsibility of determining what appropriate activities are necessary for the discovery of information that would be pertinent to protect the security of the American people, nothing else.  If a citizen gets caught up in the FBI’s investigation and it is discovered by any means, I believe that it would become obvious that they are up to no good.  The terms of a FISA warrant does not allow for willy nilly unmasking of people like Joe the ferry-boat captain, unless he is breaking the law and his actions are discovered by an investigation.
  • Who is members of the government going to call when they discover serious crimes both domestic and international.  My advice would be not to contact Nunes, he doesn’t know crap about law enforcement.
  • Sooner or later the ships that are our intelligence agencies will be refloated and will no longer be treated as a source for political games.
  • As I said, I strongly believe that crimes are being committed by some who are using ill-gotten information to suggest that they are being treated unfairly.
  • Other than wacko news organizations like Info Wars, the media has done a good job in reporting the facts surrounding the whole Russian scandal.  This does not include some talk show hosts and contributors such as Sean Hannity and the Judge Judy wanna be on Fox.  In fact if you take any time to watch them or listen to Hannity’s radio show, you could make a case that they have overstepped their civil rights provided by the constitution.  To my point, their actions when they suggest that they have intiment and especially when they suggest they have individual knowledge, relationships and input into how the government operates could be construed as criminal meddling that may compromise the security of all Americans. Not good.
  • As US citizens, our constitution provides us with the right to say or otherwise express whatever we want as long as we believe in our minds that we are right and that doing so doesn’t break the law.  If you just plain and simply have no confidence in our form of government, I am sure you can get a visa and a plane ticket to go hang out in Putin’s neighborhood.

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