The Power and Influence of Young America.

In the immediate aftermath of the killings in Florida, we as people of this country will be the beneficiaries of the efforts of our young Americans to effect change.  As I watch these men and women speak to their cause,  I am fascinated by their thoughtfulness, articulation and civility.  You can not help but listen and contemplate their message as well as encourage their actions.  They are not children with a fundamental message that lacks courage and maturity.

Because of this,  they stand to make history.

Because we, as Americans have been exposed, mostly through the media to the mechanical workings of our government, these men and women have the unique knowledge to create a strategy unlike that of any time in our past.  For this, we can thank President Trump.

Because they are working within the real framework of the government to demand change, their efforts should stay fresh in our minds.  Because congress moves slowly, the processes and protocols that these activists will need to get involved in will continually keep their story in the public eye.

What are the answers? what are the specific details?  What are the priorities of the groups?  We may not know until the snowball continues to roll down the hill but we can be rest assured that something affirmative will happen.

I have said in many of my previous posts that the millineals will be the stewards of our country very soon.  Remember, all of these younger adults are starting to vote.  These young adults and soon to be adults already demand sensible governing and this important issue on keeping guns away from those that shouldn’t have them demonstrates their principles.  If you, as a law-maker are trying to preserve the outdated principles and agendas of the past, good luck, you can ignore the change but you won’t be around to see our government return to order.

My personal thoughts on how they can affect change on the subject at hand are far more unorthodox than what might make sense to many.  It is worth pointing out that knowledge is power and the value and values of the young American is evident through out our country, not just Florida.




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