A President That Can’t Stay On Task: A Monday Rant.

As we know, DACA participation is limited to children that arrived in 2007 or earlier and that the President doesn’t understand it.

We know that the free press is important to our democratic systems.  We know that they play an important role in keeping the government in check. We know that his communication through Twitter primarily reaches his base when they are reported on in the news outlets he calls fake, not directly from his phone.

We know that a Trade war will hurt our economy.  Trade with China is tricky.  One thing that the President does not seem understand (or maybe he does) is that they have purchased a huge amount of Treasury notes.  It would be a disaster for America if the Chinese sold or cashed in on the US debt that backs them up.

We know that his obstruction of continuous funding for Obama health care to teach the democrats a lesson is only hurting and jeopardizing the lives of millions of Americans.  I hope that he recognizes how important Social Security an Medicare are.  He says he does, so I hope he keeps congress in check.  For many of those living on the SSA and Medicare benefits that they and their employers contributed to, live way below the poverty line as it is.  Age cycling is part of the process.

We know that the easiest way for the Russian probe to quickly conclude is for the President to tell the truth and not attack the FBI,CIA and Special Counsel.

We know that we will never see a 2,000 mile long border wall.

I worry that when Trump meets with Putin, the conversation will be more about the bromance rather than serious international relationship issues. We know for instance, he probably won’t increase pressure on Russia to end the genocide in Syria. We may never see a productive meeting between Trump and Un.  I think that it is weird that the President claims to be good friends with every foreign leader he meets after just 30 minutes.  We know that he is really uninformed on specifics when it comes to the war on ISIS and the increasing threat of the Taliban.  We know that he does not take seriously that the use of, or threat of even one nuclear weapon attack would probably provoke an Armageddon.

We know that he does not have any practical knowledge of the US Constitution nor the Bill of Rights.

We know that the President has no clue about the regulations that are being repealed.  If he did, he would know that some of these regulations are very key to the well-being and future of Americans.

We know that by not staffing cabinet and professional positions within the Administration, he is making many of our efforts, both domestic and international ineffective or non-existent.  We know that he doesn’t have a clear understanding about what is happening in several government (almost all) departments.  The EPA, Interior, Education and Urban development departments are suffering as a result of inexperienced leadership.  Also, there is no clear agenda or mission for any of these departments.

We all know that he struggles when it comes to international affairs…he seems confused about who is an ally and who is an adversary.  I am pretty sure  that he doesn’t understand the existing conflicts that we are involved in around the world besides the most publicized ones.

We know that his tax plan will catch up to the average American.

We know that his apearant loyalty to the NRA and his disregard and dismissive actions relative to the welfare of our children, or for that matter, American’s in general is not good.

The Stormy Daniels and Apprentice women’s legal activity can be resolved if he would again, tell the truth.

We know that he doesn’t take seriously that the war on drugs is a real war.  We know that he doesn’t understand that big pharma is responsible in part, for the transition from opioids to heroin.  Also, the war includes much more than Mexican cartels and addicts.  We know that talking about the gang problem won’t fix it.  We know that he doesn’t understand that many crime issues are not the exclusive responsibility of states and municipalities.

I worry that the President does not show or express his pride in being the leader of the strongest, most prosperous country in the world.  I also hope he understands that we need our allys, especially if we get into a complicated conflict that will require our friends help.  I also hope that he understands that the democratic members of our inner circle are collectively the key to all of our growth thru shared creativity and mutual expertise.

I am of the opinion that our President will suffer the same demise as pet rocks and beanie babies after his first couple of years. I am pretty sure that even some of his base will become weary and tired of his antics.

I hope he gets to a point where he realizes he is not helping himself by counting on the likes of Sean Hannity to provide advice on all things presidential.  I personally think that Hannity among others should be compelled to run for office.  If nothing else we will see if they are truly expert or full of it. I am pretty sure it is the latter.

I dream about the President’s last day in office, I have nightmares thinking of Pence as President.

I am sure you can tell that I didn’t vote Republican.  I do hope that our government gets on track, even though I don’t see any vehicle to take it there.

Well, that’s all I have for today.  I have to get up and walk ten miles uphill to pick up some Pepsi and popcorn to get ready to watch the next episode of Rosanne.




One thought on “A President That Can’t Stay On Task: A Monday Rant.

  1. Yes, we know. We know that you hate President Trump and, by extension, hate America and right-thinking, rightly-raised, worthy Americans.

    Fortunately, your sort’s days are over. No matter what it takes, we Americans are never letting your sort near being in power again. There is never a real sin or crime in any action taken to defend America against your kind and those that you pander to- and enable.

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