Political Bias In Congress, In The Media, And Within The Administration. Is It Really What America Needs?

two fighters   The recent Deven Nunes memo release sheds some light on very serious culture issues within our government and media.

The levels of bias between the two government parties is being raised to a potentially dangerous level given the constant us versus them behavior.  I say dangerous because each opposing party is constantly trying to discredit the other with their political point of view and applying it to some very important legislative issues.

There seems to be no middle ground.  There seems to be an attitude that one party is right on any given issue and that their counterparts are wrong.

How can 530 plus legislators all be wrong, according to their adversarial counterparts?  How can their constituents and the citizens they serve be so wrong in supporting and electing them?

I was taken back by one of the comments that Nunes made during an interview with FOX news surrounding his relationship with his counterparts on the Intel Committee.  He said that he has had to play whack a mole with them throughout the investigative process. To me those kinds of comments represent his level of maturity and a condescending attitude.  It makes me question his intentions and agenda.

His actions are just one example of party bias in both parties.  The democrat’s are not afraid to express their distane for any republican efforts.  The republican’s are not afraid to express their distane for any democratic efforts.  There is always gridlock present when it comes to furthering some very important legislative issues. When it comes to the President, it is a whole different world.  Below are some bullet points that I feel offer some insight into why our government is so dysfunctional.

  • We need to seriously take a look at what our congressional representatives are doing to further the agenda and important issues for their constituents.  If you reflect on what they promised to do and what actions they are taking towards that end, you can see that some of them purposely or involuntarily fall short. In other words,they can’t or won’t fulfil their promises.
  • Congress is a peculiar animal.  Just think about the phenomenon that happens as soon as they get into office.  They start working on the next election.  That I don’t get.  It is important however, to recognize that most legislators do the work of their constituents and thoughtfully accept responsibility for their actions relative to national issues.  It is to me, unfortunate that those who don’t, negatively reflect on the affirmative and positive activities of those that do.
  • The adversarial posture of some can at times appear to be juvenile.  Just like in high school, many of those who represent us act like their popularity within their peer group is more important than their basic responsibilities.  It is also sometimes obvious that we have law makers that have antiquated and obsolete points of view and principles. I think this contributes to why there is so much stealthy corruption, racism and good ol’ boy posturing.
  • Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), the dysfunction of our two-party branches of government will come around to reflect the culture and needs of Americans today.  I think that our government will also come around to respond to, and represent our commitments and mutual interests of our allies.  The solution is obvious, we need to inject a more current open-minded roster of ladies and gentleman into our government.  They will continue to need the mentorship of those who wield wisdom, knowledge and historical context in order to educate them an bring them into the fold.  By the way, I am referring to those that know the mechanics of government and maneuver them to the benefit of the country.
  • When we look at the media, there are several examples of inappropriate behavior. Watching some media coverage can be like a car accident.  You weren’t involved, but you can’t take your eyes off of those that were.
  • There is conservative media, liberal media, far right and far left media, conspiracy theory and propaganda media.  Think about it, they all have listeners, viewers and readers who subscribe to their viewpoints and representations.  That is the beauty of our country and the provisions of our constitution.
  • There is also some in media who behave irresponsibly or debate a  point of view just because they have a talent to manipulate their audience.  It is kind of like an attorney.  They are sworn to vigorously represent their client, no matter what the truth is.  This is a common practice among those in media who pander to their audiences with the goal of improving them or their company’s bottom line.  I personally believe that there is at least one member of the mainstream media who has abused his first amendment right and crossed the line to the point where he is meddling in our government processes.  Often I think his actions can be construed as criminal (you know who I am talking about).
  • With a couple of major exceptions, most media organizations succeed as a result of there responsible, research, knowledge and dissemination of information that is important to their audience.  Like I say, with the exception of a couple of dangerous media operations,  those that are effective are still in business, those that aren’t, are gone.
  • incidentally,  the “expert” contributors on some of these outlet’s panels are more amusing than expert.  This is not to say that most aren’t fascinating, knowledgeable and informative.  I am just saying that some are just plain out there.  Sebastian Gorka is an example of one of the many that are just plain strange.
  • What does “everyone knows this” mean when Trump speaks to a point during discussions with the media?  Why does he run his presidency on the advice of a couple of people in the media?   I can understand why he is critical of our institutions, he doesn’t know how they work.  Why does he always say that our country is a mess?  Isn’t he the maid?
  • By the way, many talking heads lately, try to compare the crap that is going on today to previous administrations, especially Obama.  At the rate Trump is going, he will be the benefactor of the worst number of scandals of all times by the end of his term.  Of course, he will say that he had the fewest and less serious ever and the scandals that he did face, he fixed them himself.

If you are interested, this link will take you to a Wikipedia page that lists scandals by Presidents and Congressional men and women.

Historical Scandals




Media. Can you Really Watch News 24 Hours a Day? Plus,Who Really Spreads Fake News?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Left over turkey sandwiches on white bread with Best Foods or Hellman’s real mayonnaise is the best.

Today, I wanted to share some thoughts I have regarding television news coverage.  Can you get your news 24 hours a day?  You hear it all of the time, but is it true?  I am kind of a news junkie with a lot of time on my hands.  I enjoy certain shows on network news, local news and cable news.  I also spend time reading the Post, the New York Times and my favorite web news site, the Daily Beast.  In addition to that, I follow my local news both online and on TV.

In the seventies your choices were limited to the news pumped out by the three big networks or from print media that reported it’s national news which was provided by the AP or UPI (news gathering groups).  In the twenties, thirties and forties, you had to wait to get your news via telegraph or messenger on horseback.  Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little, but remember from history class the five day old news reels?  with the advent of cable television, you can now watch news, sports, etc. in real time.

I do enjoy watching a couple of my favorite cable news shows.  I get a lot out of watching shows by Velshi and Rhuel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.  For CNN, I usually watch Don Lemon, Fareed Zakaria and Jake Tapper.  As for Fox News, I sometimes enjoy the commentary of Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace.  The list of my not so favorite shows is too long to include, but everyone has their favorites.

Funny thing is that there is no such twenty four hour coverage.  For MSNBC, the network airs a series on life in prison from Friday evening until Monday morning.  Why?  I don’t know, you would think they could save money by just putting up a test pattern on the screen all weekend…or, maybe they broadcast the shows to prepare someone for the prison life (sarc.).  CNN has some quality documentaries, but they can wear you out with Anthony Bourdain episodes repeated over and over again.  Fox News airs more shows every day and night, but for me, most of the off peak shows feature personalities and panels that make me roll my eyes and turn the channel.  One show on Fox news that I look forward to is the series of  shows that include fascinating interviews of noteworthy people by Harvey Levin (TMZ).  I really like the interview that Harvey did with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The syndicated radio talk shows, conservative or liberal are a totally different animal, fortunately they take a break too.

Anyhow, you get the point.  In the real world most Americans watch their favorite line up of shows which are aired on their local network as well as programs on the other 525 channels.

Fake News:  You hear the President, his cronies and other strange minded people hand pick and support stories that are intellectually beneath most normal people.  I am not sure how anyone would listen to this crap.  I guess if you were raised In a cave, the stories might make sense.  There is nothing more strange than Hearing the President or someone in his group speak to a story that was perpetrated by a conspiracy theorist.  For me, it is kind of fun to take something that you hear these people speak to as truth and trace it back to the actual story by one of a litany of misinformed and misanthropic big mouths.

As for the cable news networks, I don’t know how you would qualify to be mainstream or elite, but I think it has to do with how many viewers a particular network has…no kidding.  People like Sean Hannity speak as if Fox News is not mainstream, thus not subject to the same criticism.  All of that is bologna to me.

Sometimes the networks, print and radio media don’t get their facts straight on a particular story so they will make a retraction.  The truth is, none of these organizations would still be around if they didn’t do their research and include a heaping spoon of corroboration and evidence.  I would say that you would be wrong in questioning the quality and accuracy of their reports.  Fake news, they are not.

We all know about fake news organizations like Info Wars and even Breitbart.  I have added a link below that I picked from Wikipedia which lists dozens of fake news organizations.  One particular thing I noticed is that the big three networks websites are listed as fake news.  Take another look and you will see that the illegitimate site addresses are ended with a .com.co, the suffix of which means “company” similar to.gov or .edu which is totally different than the .com addresses for the real sites. Since the .co domains are fairly new, it was easy for the kooks to buy them. The .co suffix is perfect for someone who wants their fake site to be visible on the search engines.

Anyway you get my point of view…or not.  Take a look at the fake news list which includes their individual specialty.   I am sure you will get a kick out of it.

fake new list