President Trump Says Our Country Is a Disaster

I am really getting tired of the President referring to our country as a disaster.  Most of us don’t see it that way.

Sometimes I think that our President doesn’t understand his role as the Chief executive of our country.  According to, the following details the Presidents role (job):

Chief Executive: The President is considered the country’s chief executive. He or she develops federal policies, prepares national budgets, enforces federal laws, and appoints federal officials. Commander in Chief: The President is the commander of the armed services.

I don’t see how it is possible to fulfil these responsibilities without understanding the mechanics of government and the provisions of our constitution.  I think that the President should consider himself a disaster, not the citizens he works for.

The group of Americans who believe in conservative principles are not being well represented by the President, or even congress.  Trump’s base (an over used description) is just a small group in the larger make up of Republican minded Americans.  He and his administration’s representation of those with core democratic values and expectations is also derelict.

Disperaging our country, appointing woefully inexperienced people, taking advice from unqualified talk show hosts, demanding loyalty from all American’s and generally making selfserving policies and decisions is not conducive to creating unity among us all.

At the end of the day, I think that most Americans will become weary of how our government operates and hopefully sooner rather than later demand change.

We also believe that our President is responsible for addressing the buckets of issues that can be a challenge to our daily lives and lifestyles.  Rather than just talking or tweeting, he is supposed to take action on these issues, not just complain or blame others  for them.  Lying, taking advice from certain people in the media, demanding allegiance and making self serving decisions (among other things) is not going to work, nor is it what he was elected to do.

Trumps Job   Most of us will continue to live our lives fully in spite of our government’s antics.